Jesus walked this earth for exactly 40 days after His resurrection. During those 40 days one word resounds: GO.

Dive into the stories and perspectives of people who love the Never Reached as they unpack why Jesus’ words mandate all Christ-followers to Go.

Let the words of this devotional draw you deeper to understand the heart of God for the Never Reached of the world. The Never Reached: those peoples who have never heard the gospel in their lifetime, in past generations or in all of human history.

This challenging book will be a catalyst for this generation to answer the call to Go because the Never Reached have waited long enough to hear the Gospel.

Paperback edition available to order! E-book editions coming soon. And don’t wait to start the 40-Day reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App!

“God is a missionary God. He modeled this by sending Christ. GO: A 40-Day Journey to the Never Reached is not about God and His Son. It is about you, going. Read this devotional carefully, allow the God who sends to speak to you.”
— Dr. Greg Mundis, Executive Director of the Assemblies of God World Missions
“A powerful and inspiring read.”
— Dr. James Bradford, Senior Pastor, Central Assembly of God, Springfield, Missouri
“This will inspire, challenge and compel you to go.”
— Rev. Rod Loy, Senior Pastor, First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, Arkansas